7 Days of Camping while Vegan

Whew! Just got back from a weeklong trip with my beautiful wife to in the wooded state campgrounds of Ludington, MI and Silver Lake in Mears, MI. It was truly amazing to see the colors of Lake Michigan blended from shades of deep dark blue to radiant teal greens near the shore. beautiful sand dune landscapes of West Michigan. One day, Jess and I kayaked to what felt like the middle of an ocean, in my mind, but was only Hamlin Lake. We hiked a huge dune, so steep it felt Olympic (sure, I’m dramatic)πŸ§—πŸΎ.

Of course, what you’re really here for is to know “wHat DiD sPEakVEgan eaT?” Here’s how we got down.

Juiced fruits and veggies (mostly veggies) for nutrient absorption during the trip.
Jessica and Rodney with their Treefrog Green Kia and Kayaks
Rodney drinking a green juice on the boardwalk in Ludington.
Tent set up in Ludington State Park
Beyond Brats campfire “warmed”and refreshing watermelon!

It was a huge goal of mine to bring several juices for the duration of the trip. I was determined to use these juices along with nutrient dense microgreens to keep us fueled and energized. Full aware that we would be eating more processed meals during this trip.

We kayaked so much on this trip – never missing an opportunity to get on the water. No photos were taken (but it did happen) when we kayaked across Silver Lake with our friends, Rachel and Blois, and I (Rodney) was pulling Bro. Blois behind him on an inflated ring. I learned that day that I am not a tug boat. πŸ˜…

The first day was full of adventure. After setting up the tent, I couldn’t wait to go on a hike. Jessica and I checked out the boardwalk along the lake while enjoying The Green Drink (working on these names). Later that night, we saw a little snapping turtle swimming underneath the same boardwalk. Little Franklin was a little trickster, at one point faking us out like he’d swam under the boardwalk to the other side, evading our light in an attempt to hide from us.

I was proudest on on our trip when we set up the tent and campsite to our liking. Having never tent camped, I was over excited to sleep…it was 3:00pm!😁

Check it out! We cooked some Beyond Brats for dinner one night. We have had them several times before, but NEVER have they tasted better than when cooked over the campfire. We also brought Beyond Burgers, plant-based deli slices for sandwiches, hash-brown bake (an AMAZING breakfast option), “hobo” pizzas (I hate that name) and squash. We made s’mores frequently and once we even made apple pies in the same device that made the pizzas.

DM me @SpeakVegan for any of our recipes.

Always with love,


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